Tracks Institute Management Education & IT, Bannu

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Tracks Institute of Management, Education & IT, Bannu

Services & Facilites

Facilities at Tracks Institute

  • Accessible Campus: Tracks Institute Campus is located in the middle of Bannu City, accessible conveniently to most of students.

  • Central Lab:  Tracks Institute has Central Lab, highly equipped with 40 computers, connected with a server through domain based networking, Overhead Projector and Multimedia 

  • Projector.Internet Facility: Tracks Institute provides internet facility to students. All the 40 computers are connected to a DSL connection which provides high quality internet facility to users.. 

  • Central Library: Tracks Institute has the most advanced and modern library in Bannu. It has more than six thousands (10,000) books on diverse subjects.

  • Teaching Aids: Tracks Institute has employed the latest teaching aids and tools in its classes; including Multimedia projector, Overhead Projector, Flip charts, Zopp Cards and Whiteboards.

  • Class rooms:  Class rooms at Tracks Institute are well equipped, well furnished. Each classroom has whiteboard, dice, and 40 students’ chair. Four classrooms are air conditioned.

  • Disciplined Environment: Discipline as one of the Core Values at Tracks Institute, is highly regarded amongst management, faculty and students. Placing such a high value on discipline results in a very beautiful, focused, learning, nurturing and disciplined environment.

  • Canteen:  Canteen is available at Tracks Institute, which provides fast food, tea, and cold drinks of good quality.

  • Photocopying Facilities: Photocopying facility is also provided to students to facilitate them in their preparation of course material.